OPINION: Vore Has Become A Problem….

Author: Indigobang!?

The vore fetish/kink has been around for quite awhile now and hundreds if not thousands of individuals enjoy not only the SFW version of artwork involving vore but the NSFW version as well, and with big conventions such as Fur Squared (Who created a poll to see if vore would be their 2019 theme.) and suiters such as Zuelansi (Whose suit relates to vore.) coming to the forefront of the furry community it seems that vore has become the trendy kink to have and enjoy.

“Zuelansi in his usual form.”

But the truth is that vore has become a problem. SFW vore has in several cases lead underage minors to NSFW vore including Twitter user GBuddy269 who in a tweet revealed that he was 16 years old and already knew what vore porn looks like.

“Admitting to knowing what vore porn looks like.”

This is not an isolated case however and the potential of minors finding NSFW vore when they are looking for SFW vore is incredibly high as the two are often paired side by side in places like Fur Affinity and beyond due to the major lack of foresight in regards to the way that vore is categorized on these sites.

The worst part however is that whenever someone mentions that SFW vore has the potential to lead minors to NSFW vore it is sharply met with criticism and harassment and in some severe cases even threats of violence.

“Recieved threats of physical violence and harassment for mentioning that SFW vore could lead a minor to NSFW vore.”

Whats more troubling however is the actions of vore enthusiasts like JonahVore (an infamous animal abuser) and his YouTube channel “Reptile Channel.” where he regularly feeds smaller live animals to larger ones, and while his cover story of education and necessary feeding certainly seems sound, his channel was created with the intent to cater to the vore fetish community. (Special thanks to Dog Patch Press for informing me of this problematic individual.)

Vore is a fine fetish/kink to have, I myself enjoy vore and inflation, and there are much worse ones to have out there such as cub, zoophilia/bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia to name a few. But when people are getting harassed and threatened with physical violence because they even mention the fact that SFW vore could (and has) lead minors to pornography, it may be time for the fandom to take a step back from their subjective point of view and their predispositions and take a more objective point of view on the subject before vore itself consumes, digests, and turn the community itself into waste.

“Vore about to consume and digest the entire furry community.”

However this is just my opinion. You are free to make up your own. All I ask is that you do not harass anyone involved in this article. No one is ever deserving of harassment and certainly not of death threats. Just because our opinions may clash does not mean I believe anyone deserves that kind of reaction. The only people deserving of that kind of treatment are people who have actively done harm to another person/animal.

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