PKrussl Linked To Drawn CP Artists.

Author: Indigobang!?

PKrussl is back in the news again today with allegations of his alleged involvement with producers of not only art of cub pornography but art of full on human child pornography. These allegations stem from his now deactivated Fur Affinity account proving once again that FA has a problem that they have done nothing about as well as his account on InkBunny, a website operated and owned by a convicted pedophile.

But before we continue lets take a moment to look back and see what we know about PK:

PK became a known entity with his “Kero Is Innocent.” video on YouTube as well as the resulting feud he has with fellow YouTuber MythicalRedFox and…..that’s about it….. He showed up on the scene and delivered a hot steaming pile of shit for a take and suddenly he’s the new Kothorix apparently?

“Seems pretty guilty to me but okay.”

He seems more like an even shittier GenisiusWolf with terra-bad acne and hair so sharp you could stab somebody with how pointy and anime-esque it looks but for some reason he feels he’s owed respect in the fandom? And with such shit takes as “you can change the internal clock of telegram” and “JPEG artifacts = Photoshop” he has about as much credence and deserved respect as an edgy teenager screaming about how he has the power of god and anime on his side which as we’ve discussed he already has the hair for.

“The Pizza Guy Your Mom Warned You About.”

It’s hilariously ironic and horrifying at the same time that someone accused of intentionally viewing child pornography would stand up for someone who is accused of brutally violating their pet as well as roadkill but I guess we all should have seen this coming seeing as all PK ever does is talk about how “toxic” the community is.

But if you want more proof then just hear say have this Mega file. It’s filled with screenshots and information that twitter users stixlfox and spicycavy cobbled together after hours of research into PK and does the information far more justice then I ever could:

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