Interview with Rosh: The Mad Lad Who Stole Kabier’s @KabsCorner Twitter Handle.

Author: Indigobang!?

As many of you know Kabier, the former owner of the @KabsCorner handle on Twitter, was an ostentatious self aggrandizing bigoted nightmare of a human, whose exploits include trans erasure, racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia.

And with shit takes such as calling SonicFox a N***** F*****, and creating art with the phrase “Everyone Deserves Human Rights” in protest of a meme that sported the phrase “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” as her bread and butter, Kabier set herself up for her eventual removal from the furry community with many groups and individuals coming together under the same resonating idea.

No matter how good her art is, she is not welcome here.

With that in mind, who in their right mind would ever dare to adopt such a shitty twitter handle with such a harrowing past? Would they be just as bad if not worse? Did they do it to grab the attention of people who were eagerly looking to take a bite out of the “FUCK YOU KABIER” casserole?

To answer these questions I decided to sit down with the man and get a feel for who he is in an effort to answer questions that many may have about this mysterious individual who rose up out of nowhere.

Below is my interview with Rosh, the absolute mad lad.

(I)ndigobang!?: Hello Rosh, I’m with Dogpatch Press and OwO What’s News!?. I was made aware of the fact that you have come under the ownership of the @KabsCorner username and I’d like to see if I can’t set up an interview with you. Please let me know whether you would be interested in that or not at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time. ~Indigobang!?

(R)osh: Hahaha oh man, that’s so cool. I’d love to do an interview! Though it’d have to be through text because I’m not a very eloquent speaker.

(I): Thats perfectly fine.

(R): If you already have stuff in mind, I’m free right now.

(I): Let’s start with the basics. Who are you exactly? Like how would you describe yourself?

(R): I’d describe myself as an artist from the Philippines! That’s the thing that comes readily to mind, followed by “several lizards stacked on top of each other.” I’m sort of a shapeshifter 😛

(I): So you’re a scalie?

(R): Yeah, you could say that! I’ve a kobold for the better part of two, maybe three years. Right now I’m an incineroar, which was originally because of different December, but I’ve just fallen in love with the design.

(I): Is that the Bara fetish talking or just a regular appreciation for the overall design?

(R): I’d say both! I mean, incineroar’s normal design communicates the usual appeal of “big buff dude” without actually defining a lot of his muscles, so furry art fills in those gaps with the muscle definition you see regularly with incineroar art. It also helps that Smash Ultimate came out and rocked every furry’s world with his animations.

Example of Rosh’s art.

(I): Have you thought about doing art of King K. Rool? He’s pretty bara.

(R): He is! Especially with his chest and belly made of gold. Though, I’m actually not that good at fan art most of the time; Incineroar sort of popped to me because his design was already sort of compatible with the stuff I already make.

I’d like to draw Bowser, for example, but I can’t seem to nail it in a way that doesn’t look like I just pasted an illustration of bowser’s head onto a hunky body.

Not art made by Rosh.

(I): Aside from your own artistic credentials, were you surprised by how much attention you garnered by jacking Kabs account name?

(R): Honestly, I was just expecting the tweets to blow up. I didn’t think over 500 people would follow me over the past 3 days! I think I was at, like, 1.3k followers before I changed my username. So the attention from the tweet was expected, but not all the people deciding to stick around for my content.

(I):Thats pretty awesome. I’m glad to see people flocking to a person deserving of the attention instead of the old nuclear waste that used to own the handle.

(R): Thanks! Turns out the one downside to deleting your twitter so people can’t report you is someone like me can snag your name and still clown on you.

(I): I’ve heard you’re a transgender individual is that correct?

(R): Yep! I’m masculine nonbinary. I used to be a lot more exploratory with how I present, but I’ve had to go back in the closet for safety reasons. A surprising amount of my friends (who I thought I was out to) didn’t actually know I was trans until I made That Post, which caught me off guard. Though it’s probably my fault for making my kink roleplay talk indistinguishable from my shitposts.

(I): I mean if they can’t accept you for who you are…are they really your friends?

(R): Hah, not that kind of surprise! Just more of, “oh, I had no idea! Sorry if I made you uncomfortable before.” Part of my masculine identity sort of evolved from not wanting to burden people with my jumbled mess of an identity, which isn’t something that usually happens with trans people I don’t think. I just chalk that up to one of my other weirdnesses.

(I): Your friends seem pretty cool.

(R): They’re so cool. If I could, I’d invite them to a party, but I actually don’t know a lot about throwing parties. It’d probably just be a lot of sitting around eating pizza and showing each other memes on our phones.

More examples of Rosh’s art.

(I): When did you join the furry fandom?

(R): Hmmm. Time’s always a tricky thing to ask me. I have schizophrenia and sometimes the past just feels like a big ball of yarn in my pocket. I wanna say I really got into it around 2014, when I was starting college. I made an F-List and fell face-first into roleplay.

This was, admittedly, not a smart thing to do in hindsight; I wound up doing a lot of gross things (hypersexuality sorta does that). But I did meet some awesome people during that time. I started a tumblr blog (RIP) then migrated to twitter two years ago, roughly, and I’ve been around ever since.

Though I will say that I’ve been interested in funny animal people for as long as I can remember.

(I): How old were you at that time? Mid 20’s?

(R): I was 18 I joined college pretty much right away, I’m 22 now 😛

(I): Do you have a mixtape? Can I listen to it? If so where?

(R): I used to make music! I keep telling myself I’d get back into it, but I just focus on art nowadays. I have some tracks posted on my newgrounds under the username Spoonitate. I also have a soundcloud under the name YVNGSL_ME, which was also my old twitter handle. (It’s pronounced Yung Slime. The “I” is resting because I’m always tired.)

(I): Awesome! What do you do for a living outside of the furry fandom? If you’d rather not say that’s perfectly fine.

(R): Outside the furry fandom, I’m a tech columnist for a newspaper. I’m not saying which one, but it’s a Philippine newspaper! I write about videogames, mostly, and sometimes I get invited to preview events. Last year I was invited to a Detroit: Become Human event here in the Philippines and a Spider-Man event overseas.

Sometimes I get to review (and beat!) games before they come out, like with Detroit, Spider-Man, and God of War. And last thanksgiving I had the honor of being the first person in the Philippines to beat the demo of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice at a media party I was invited to, which I wrote about.

I posted about it on this account when it happened! Here’s the link:

More Rosh art.

(I): What other hobbies do you have aside from the furry fandom?

(R): Videogames! I like to roleplay, too, sometimes. But I guess that doesn’t count since it’s still furry related. Hmm, I’d say all my hobbies link to furry on some level.

(I): Are there any projects you are currently working on? Also, Are you open for commissions?

(R): I’m currently working on a few things already! I can’t say what they are, though. It’s a secret. As for commissions, not at the moment, sadly. If I was more business-minded I would’ve cleared my queue before getting all this attention, but I’m not an opportunistic person when it comes to money.

(I): As we wrap this interview up is there anything else you want to tell the people about? Any shout outs?

(R): If this were a video interview, I’d be making a Casey Frey impression right now. “What’s poppinggg, AAAUGH?! Shoutouts to… followers, AAAAH.”

For real, though, I wanna say to all my trans siblings out in the furry fandom; nobody’s untouchable. I won’t lie; I’m glad Kabs decided to fuck off forever when she figured out Twitter wasn’t going to stand for her bullshit. As a trans person, watching famous people get away with transphobia is a crushing experience. I never looked up to Kabs but I’ve looked up to other artists who wound up being transphobic.

When the world’s stacked against you, you learn to take the small victories like a trans person of color claiming a racist transphobe’s username and parading it around like a head on a pike.

And if I can be petty; I wanna give a big shoutout to kabier for giving me the chance to take her username! Hope you have fun when you realize the furry fandom’s the only fandom out there willing to pay massive amounts of money to artists to draw their personal characters. Wishing you and your 3-digit newgrounds follower count the best!!

(I): Thank you for your time Rosh.

(R): No problem 🙂

If you wish to support Rosh you can do so here:

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