OwO What’s News!? No Longer Associated With Dogpatch Press.

(Originally posted, then archived, then removed from, DogpatchPress.)

Hello everyone. This is Indigobang!?

I was debating making this message private but considering the implications my silence on this matter would bring about I figured I’d be transparent.

This is a public note to Dogpatch Press and it’s audience regarding the OwO What’s News!? and Dogpatch Press Business venture:

I hope that you can fix this shit and come back stronger.
But for the safety of myself and the longevity of my own site though I’m afraid I’m gonna have to walk away from this situation.

We at OwO What’s News!? do NOT support cub porn or anything of the sort and that article you posted on problematic kinks is all kinds of cub porn apology. Due to this fact we will no longer be able to be associated with Dogpatch Press for the time being.

You know I can put out articles super fast and that I do good work; so when/IF this shit storm you threw yourself into subsides, holla at me ninja.

For now though. This is the end of the OwO What’s News!? / Dogpatch Press business association.

Be well Patch, and good luck. Lord knows you’re gonna need it.


One thought on “OwO What’s News!? No Longer Associated With Dogpatch Press.

  1. Hell yeah, stand by your guns and stand for your morals. I’m glad you’re standing firm on how you feel, and not supporting that stuff. This situation sucks all around, and I’m glad that those associated with him aren’t gonna be fools about it however and hold him to this, and say clearly how they feel.

    I’ll support you, at the very least.

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