That Time Uncle Kage Wore A Bag Over His Head And Proved You Don’t Need A Fursuit.

Samuel Conway (Uncle Kage) may be the longest standing pillar of the furry community ever as well as one of the most popular and longest serving con chairmen to ever live, and while many furries have made pretty outrageous claims as to the reason why this is, including but not limited to:

1. Nobody wants to deal with Anthrocon’s crazy drama.
2. Nobody has the skill to take up the mantle.
3. Uncle Kage kills all of his competition and throws them in the lake behind the hotel.

Whatever the reason actually is that he continues to come back year after year, Anthrocon just wouldn’t be the same without him. His shinning personality and cool, calm, some would say regal, demeanor in dealing with the main stream media has been a great benefit to the furry community.

“You Don’t Fuck With Uncle Kage.”

Kage isn’t without his humor however, and there is no greater example of this then when he attends conventions he himself is not running or hosting a panel at and on several occasions he has gone in disguise to these conventions for a laugh.

While we could make mention of the time he pretended to be a Canadian and somehow managed to fool a Canadian furry artist, as well as a few other gags he has tried over the years, instead we are going to focus on a very specific occasion where he dressed up as a furry version of “The Unknown Comic.” and basically proved you don’t need a fursuit to be a part of the furry community.

The Unknown Comic.

This all happened at the 2001 Mephit Furmeet, a convention Uncle Kage wasn’t originally planning to go to but eventually decided to go in disguise.

“Originally I thought to just dress casually and wear sunglasses, but that’s been done. I was eating my lunch out of a paper bag, watching the Pawpet show when it hit me.”

He grabbed a pencil, a pair of scissors, and ran into the next room with the bag. Then with the pencil he traced around his glasses and cut two eyeholes. He then made little leaf-shaped ears which he cut from the trimmed portion, and stapled them to the top. For the muzzle he rolled a piece of pasteboard into a cone and taped it below the eyeholes. Three black pipecleaners poking through the cone later he had whiskers, and The Unknown Furry was born.

The Unknown Furry

As a last minute idea he added a pair of clip-on sunglasses beneath, giving The Unknown Furry big black eyes and went to a pet store where he bought a long knotted rope he would use for a tail.

“My original plan was to make my appearance during the Pawpet Show at the Mephit Furmeet on Friday got ruined by a delayed flight. It was the second time that a trip south had gone awry because of airlines cancelling flights in preparation for a forecast storm that never really materialized.”

It was 8 AM when he finally arrived in the airport. He then collected his luggage and boarded a hotel shuttle. On the way to the hotel he put his plan into action, donning the paper bag and all of the other accessories and at 8:25 AM on September 1, 2001, The Unknown Furry climbed out of the van, gathered up his bags, and strolled into the hotel.

He immediately started to attract attention. Even among all the fursuits, people were stopping and gawking. Many of them laughing and proclaiming what a fantastic idea this was. A few tried to speak to him, but all he did was gesture and pantomime. The Unknown Furry then spent a wonderful day visiting friends.

“I had an absolute blast on Saturday night, despite a small run-in with an overzealous security staffer that really put a damper on the remainder of the evening. People were thrilled by the costume and dubbed it “The World’s Cheapest Fursuit,” which at just under $2.00 it was.”

Uncle Kage’s fursona is, as many of you know, a cockroach and from my understanding he does not have and doesn’t want a fursuit. Yet despite that fact he has managed to last the test of time within the community and is still incredibly popular despite not personally owning a fursuit.

If there’s one thing this man can teach us, it’s that you don’t need a fursuit to make it in the furry fandom. You just need a good personality.

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