Trump & The Furry Community.

Author: Indigobang!?

Donald Trump is a divisive figure at the best of times, and with decisions and policies as controversial as continuing the bombing of Syria, to separating children from their parents at the border; It’s no wonder that his presidency has lead to such outrage from both the left and the right sides of the political landscape.

But a question not many people have asked is how his presidency has affected the furry community.

According to the latest research data available a large portion of the furry community identify somewhere on the LGBT landscape and while not many of his policies and decisions have affected the LGBT community, a solid number of them have.

From his decision to announce Mike Pence (A man who believes that electroshock therapy can “cure” individuals who identify as LGBT.) as his running mate to hiring Jeff Sessions (A man who has consistently claimed that the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman.) as his attorney general. This man has hired people who continue to be anti-LGBT including hiring to the supreme court two anti-LGBT judges.

There’s also the way his administration views transgender Americans to consider, and with policies such as the failed transgender military ban, and his administration’s attempt to make gender something assigned at birth and unchangeable from then on, he has firmly planted himself in the camp of other republican anti-LGBT politicians.

“His True Feelings Towards The LGBT.”

Yet still there are those within the furry fandom and within the larger LGBT community who do not see his actions as being anything other then benign. To them he is a god send and a return to “the norm” where they can be as offensive as they want without repercussion. Much to their surprise however there came a change in the way the furry fandom deals with them.

We need look no further then KabsCorner (Kabier), and Jasonafex (Jason) to see a great example of why “not giving a fuck” and choosing to be offensive on purpose will not give you any leeway in the furry community. Because if your intention is to be as awful as you possibly can be, the furry community will change its opinion of you and fast.

Kabscorner and Jasonafex are/were amazing furry artists with great skill and talent. Unfortunately they drew the ire of the furry community with their rampant transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, and (alleged) zoophilia. Since this began Kabier and Jason have both either been suspended from, privated, or deactivated their accounts on everything except Alt-Right Twitter rip-off GAB. (Which Kabier also privated after receiving backlash for calling Game Award Alumni Sonicfox a N** F**.)

“From Her Now Privated GAB Account.”

Not only however has Trump’s political rhetoric reinforced this kind of behavior, he has encouraged it at times, and while twitter feuds have existed for quite awhile with the odd KYS being thrown about by both sides this goes far beyond Twitter. The furry community is no exception to the rule and the rule at current is that people have felt like they could and have been getting away with harassment of all kinds. They find humor in causing others pain like a sociopath and claim that their intentionally offensive actions are “all in good fun” or “to make you think from another perspective” but all they accomplish is harming individuals who do not deserve their ire.

The saddest part however is that they honestly believe in a lot of cases that they aren’t causing any harm. But the truth is much darker then that and actions have consequences.

“Average Day At The Whitehouse”

Since coming into office the rate of hate crimes against LGBT Americans and POC have skyrocketed as well as the rate of suicide. Numerous furries have taken their own lives these past two years due to harassment by people who wanted to make others “see things from a different perspective” and Trump (whether directly or indirectly) has encouraged these kinds of actions and it has lead to the loss of thousands of lives nationwide.

The furry fandom may not be all of society, but it is a part of society, and Trump has poisoned the community from the inside out by making society seem like a place that you can be as offensive as you want without repercussions. But for every cause there is an effect and with the furry community seemingly splitting into two different factions this fandom is a powder keg and all its going to take is a single spark to cause a cataclysmic explosion.

The worst part? There is very little we can do about it now that the damage has been done. All we can do is pick up the pieces, hold onto our loved ones, and ride out the shit storm for however much longer this societal uprising of intentionally awful people lasts. But most importantly, we can fight.

Kabier and Jason were but one example of when the furry community comes together to rid themselves of objectionably awful people. Another great example is the controversy surrounding Kero the Wolf’s alleged zoophilia. (As of this writing Kero is still under police investigation) Trump may have caused a lot of problems within the community and society at large, but if we work together and support one another, theres nothing we can’t overcome.