Atychiphobia, and Why I’m Afraid To Upload Every Article I Post.

“Should I go for more clicks this year? Or should I follow the click in my ear?” ~AJR, Come Hang Out.

~Author: Indigobang!?

I used to have aspirations of becoming something bigger then myself, something people would look to and enjoy, and with the sudden explosive growth OwO has had over the last few days that seems to be finally becoming a reality. So why am I sitting here with my leg twitching as my body attempts to fight off an anxiety attack?

To answer that you must know more about me, so here we go: I have tried and failed so many times at so many other projects I’ve worked on that the old anxieties of potential failure are cropping back up again.

In no particular order I have attempted and failed to become: A musician, an artist, a game designer, and several other things along the way. I’ve been to art school, studied great works of art in museums, met musicians who later blew up and left me behind, and so much more then I can divulge here. But what does that have to do with me uploading posts on OwO? Why am I afraid of uploading an article?

I have Atychiphobia. The fear of failure itself.

“So many failed videos….”

Atychiphobia is a fear that is common among artists, actors, game developers, and craftsmen of all kinds. Colloquially referred to on the internet as “Upload-Phobia” it is the fear of creating and/or posting anything anywhere that doesn’t meet the expectations of the audience who partakes in it.

It is the fear that drives perfectionists to madness. The fear that lends new up and coming creators to ditch certain videos that to many would be their gold standard. It is a crippling phobia with links to anxiety disorders, and it’s why as grateful as I am about the attention OwO is receiving, I am petrified at the prospect of potential failure.

“If only Bethesda’s hubris wasn’t stronger then their fear of failure.”

To many however, this fear is beneficial and can lead to the creation of better, more extravagant works. After all, this is the fear that drives us to do better. But to others with severe cases, it is a severely limiting phobia that only acts as a detriment to those who suffer from it who believe that whatever they create is “not good enough” or “awful” and can lead to the disappearance of those creators.

The worst part however is that taking a break from working doesn’t actually help the sufferer and actually further pushes them away from uploading or producing any new content and it is this downward spiral of anxiety, paranoia, and depression that has lead some individuals to self destruct their own projects, self harm, and in some cases…….the final slumber.

OwO is blowing up right now, as am I by proxy, and I’m scared.
Scared of people looking at my works, scared I’ll let them down with those works, scared OwO will fail, scared someone will try to harm me IRL for a difference of opinion.

I’m scared.

Even with all the knowledge I have on this subject.

I’m scared.

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AWKWARD: Most Ostriches Born In Captivity Are More Attracted To Humans Then They Are Other Ostriches.

Author: Indigobang!?

Ostriches are incredibly interesting creatures that reside predominately within the savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa. Once found all over Africa and Asia ostriches have been the victim of extensive hunting, so much so that they’re now only found living in hot savannas, and woodland in the wild and in ostrich farms which have sprung up over America and the UK to name but a few countries who have adopted the practice.

As the largest bird in the world, ostriches are flightless, have a very long neck, a round body, and long thin legs. They have great maneuverability and can reach speeds in excess of 43 mph with a single stride. They have shaggy looking feathers that hang loosely and only the males are black and white with the females being a light brown colour and while new age ostrich farms are popping up all over America and the UK alike as well as the rising increase of “drive through” zoos, the question of “How has captivity affected these animals?” comes directly to mind. However I would be lying if I didn’t say that the effect of captivity along side humans on these large birds was not only hilarious but incredibly awkward as fuck.

You see, in the late 90’s in Britain, several ostrich farmers found out just what kind of effect captivity did have on their ostriches when they began noticing a phenomenon where both male and female ostriches would engage in mating ritual like behavior in the presence of their owners, despite whether or not an ostrich of the opposite sex was present at the time. The most glaring representation of this is that male ostriches during mating season will flap their wings and bow displaying their plumage to attract a female and when a male is ready to mate its beak, shins, and sometimes even its neck turn red.

“Awkward bird does awkward things towards an equally awkward man and his wife.”

Scientists were contacted soon after and eventually decided to address this issue by beginning a study researching into this phenomenon.

What they discovered was that:
A. Courtship behaviour of adult male and female ostriches was observed in the presence and absence of human beings.
B. Courtship behaviours in both males and females were more prevalent in the presence of humans.

There are several possibilities for why this might be including:
1. A show of superiority and an exclamation of “This is my territory.”
2. A bid for more food.
or the unfortunate and awkward as fuck final option,
3. They wish to mate with a human.

As hilarious as this is, we really must ask the question of why this is happening, and while the video above presents a few good theories as to why this is, there really is no solid evidence as to why.

It is important however to note that while you yourself may find these interactions incredibly awkward and/or funny these animals mean business and can and have attacked humans, and with the ability to deliver a forward kick with enough strength to kill a grown lion in a single blow these animals are NOT to be messed with. Example below of an ostrich attack.

So while you may be interested in sharing a hug with these adorable behemoth animals for being confused about what you are, or just laughing from the sidelines, NEVER approach these animals. They can and have killed humans, cheetahs, hyenas, and even lions.

They are not your friends, they are dangerous animals, and with raptor like talons at the end of their feet, if they don’t kill you, they at the very least will maul you. I personally pity any fool brave enough to square up with an ostrich and think they can get away with it, and for all you readers thinking of doing something nefarious to one of these silly big birds, I personally hope an ostrich disembowels you. 😉