Interview w/ StixilFox Host of the “Breakfest Fur Dinner!” Podcast.

Author: Indigobang!?

Those of you who do not know who StixilFox is or what his podcast is even about may be surprised to know that you have already seen this man’s work at hand.

You see, StixilFox was directly involved in the Kero the Wolf controversy and the subsequent arrest of notorious zoophille Snake Thing. He and his friend SpicyCavy are also responsible for the mass collection of screenshots of PKrussl that (at least according to the screenshots) heavily implies that PKrussl has an interest in cub porn.

This man has been working tirelessly to rid our community of both people who have interests (and in some cases convictions) of harming children and animals and if that wasn’t enough, he and the other members of the Breakfast Fur Dinner podcast also regularly do charity streams for The Global Animal Foundation.

So in the interest of bettering the community and shining a light on an up and coming fur who has done a lot of work to help make our community a safer and better place, I decided I would sit down with StixilFox himself and get a feel for who this man really is.

Below is my interview with StixilFox:

(I)ndigobang!?: Alright Stixl, you’re a pretty chill dude. Mind if I interview you and ask some questions?
(S)tixilfox: Sure! XD

I:What brought you to the furry fandom?
S:Oh wow, I gotta go back haha. So like, I’ve considered myself a furry for years, but didn’t have a sona until late August 2018. Star Fox was what got me interested in anthros, Sonic too. I would say that I found the fandom my freshman year of highschool, so 2011 or so πŸ˜€

I: That answered my next question of when you joined the fandom so ON TO THE NEXT QUESTION!

I: How did you come up with the idea for your podcast?
S: Ummmm. Okay so long story again. When the Kero the Wolf zoosadism stuff came out, I was the second-in-command of Furvengers, which was the only group advocating for police involvement with those groups. We started the podcast the night SnakeThing was arrested to let everyone know the old “ladies and gentlemen, we got em”, and it sort of evolved into a friendly thing. Since the people I worked with became close friends to me ^^ But yeah, it all started because we put that fucker in jail lmao.

I: Did you ever think your podcast would become as popular as it is today?
S: Pffft, my podcast ain’t popular. xD I do wanna do it more though and put more focus into it soon. I’ve just been busy and low key dealing with some depression related stuff. uwu Plus my new house has slow internet. We’re working on it!! XD It’s not really popular though. But it’s fun so that’s why we do it. πŸ˜€

I: How did you first get involved with the furry sadism bullshit? Like how did you join the furry avengers? Or is that a touchy subject?
S: It’s a complicated story! Short version: I did my own stuff with like 50 followers lmao. I got a little archive of Kero liking/RTing animal maw pics that I shared around that got the attention of Zennie, Patch, MythicalRedFox, and ChipFoxx. Dogpatch then invited me to a telegram group where they were working on stuff. It sort of died, and he then invited me to a new group called Furvengers, led by GrizzlyFatalis and mcbittypaws. That’s where I met my friends and we got a lot of work done and put Snake in jail and got the FBI on the others πŸ˜€

I: Thats pretty awesome that you started off with just 50 followers and decided to take down Kero and those other asshats. That takes a lot of courage to be willing to deal with all of his brain dead supporters.
S: It was a grind but it was nice to meet friends from it. ^^

I: Aside from the furry fandom is there anything else you’re really interested in? Sports? Cars? Hot fem-boys?
S: Yeah, music, retro games, hot fembois ofc.

I: Do you have a mixtape yet? Also due to all of the bullshit going on has your view of the furry fandom changed any?
S: No mixtape. XD And nope! I still love it here! If the drama ever is too much I just ignore it. πŸ˜€

I: Thats a great way to look at the furry fandom’s drama I think. I had a rough head ache when I tried to do an article on Kabier and Jasonafex and took a 4 hour nap due to all the stress.
S: Yep, stay out of the drama and it’s better. πŸ˜€

I: Outside of the furry fandom, how else do you earn a living? It’s okay if you’d rather not say.
S: I’m a professional musician/composer and music teacher!

I: That’s awesome. What kind of music do you make? You should send me a link to your mixtape. :3 (I call people’s musical works their mix tapes.)
S: MIXTAPE XD I do classical, jazz, and game music. πŸ˜€ I just put up an album for pre-order. uwu It’s all music I did from high school! It’s at ❀

I: Nice! Anything else you want to tell people about as we wrap this interview up?
S: What is the audience for this interview? XD I didn’t know this was an actual interview haha.

I: Oh hell yeah it is. I work for both OwO What’s News!? and Dogpatch Press.
S: You do??? Patch is actually a friend of mine haha. πŸ˜›

I: Yeah! I’m a free lance journalist working pro bono with Dogpatch. I also own and operate OwO. I think you’re an interesting person who has the potential to rise up in the community so I figured I’d do an interview with you about stuff people might want to know.
S: I’ve never done an interview haha. It was fun! Thanks!

I: Is there anything you want to tell people before we end this thing though? Any shout outs?
S: Uh…. Shout out to uh….cute bois! πŸ˜€

I: Thank you for your time Stixil. ^w^
S: Yeah man, thanks! ❀

AWKWARD: Most Ostriches Born In Captivity Are More Attracted To Humans Then They Are Other Ostriches.

Author: Indigobang!?

Ostriches are incredibly interesting creatures that reside predominately within the savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa. Once found all over Africa and Asia ostriches have been the victim of extensive hunting, so much so that they’re now only found living in hot savannas, and woodland in the wild and in ostrich farms which have sprung up over America and the UK to name but a few countries who have adopted the practice.

As the largest bird in the world, ostriches are flightless, have a very long neck, a round body, and long thin legs. They have great maneuverability and can reach speeds in excess of 43 mph with a single stride. They have shaggy looking feathers that hang loosely and only the males are black and white with the females being a light brown colour and while new age ostrich farms are popping up all over America and the UK alike as well as the rising increase of “drive through” zoos, the question of “How has captivity affected these animals?” comes directly to mind. However I would be lying if I didn’t say that the effect of captivity along side humans on these large birds was not only hilarious but incredibly awkward as fuck.

You see, in the late 90’s in Britain, several ostrich farmers found out just what kind of effect captivity did have on their ostriches when they began noticing a phenomenon where both male and female ostriches would engage in mating ritual like behavior in the presence of their owners, despite whether or not an ostrich of the opposite sex was present at the time. The most glaring representation of this is that male ostriches during mating season will flap their wings and bow displaying their plumage to attract a female and when a male is ready to mate its beak, shins, and sometimes even its neck turn red.

“Awkward bird does awkward things towards an equally awkward man and his wife.”

Scientists were contacted soon after and eventually decided to address this issue by beginning a study researching into this phenomenon.

What they discovered was that:
A. Courtship behaviour of adult male and female ostriches was observed in the presence and absence of human beings.
B. Courtship behaviours in both males and females were more prevalent in the presence of humans.

There are several possibilities for why this might be including:
1. A show of superiority and an exclamation of “This is my territory.”
2. A bid for more food.
or the unfortunate and awkward as fuck final option,
3. They wish to mate with a human.

As hilarious as this is, we really must ask the question of why this is happening, and while the video above presents a few good theories as to why this is, there really is no solid evidence as to why.

It is important however to note that while you yourself may find these interactions incredibly awkward and/or funny these animals mean business and can and have attacked humans, and with the ability to deliver a forward kick with enough strength to kill a grown lion in a single blow these animals are NOT to be messed with. Example below of an ostrich attack.

So while you may be interested in sharing a hug with these adorable behemoth animals for being confused about what you are, or just laughing from the sidelines, NEVER approach these animals. They can and have killed humans, cheetahs, hyenas, and even lions.

They are not your friends, they are dangerous animals, and with raptor like talons at the end of their feet, if they don’t kill you, they at the very least will maul you. I personally pity any fool brave enough to square up with an ostrich and think they can get away with it, and for all you readers thinking of doing something nefarious to one of these silly big birds, I personally hope an ostrich disembowels you. πŸ˜‰


PKrussl Linked To Drawn CP Artists.

Author: Indigobang!?

PKrussl is back in the news again today with allegations of his alleged involvement with producers of not only art of cub pornography but art of full on human child pornography. These allegations stem from his now deactivated Fur Affinity account proving once again that FA has a problem that they have done nothing about as well as his account on InkBunny, a website operated and owned by a convicted pedophile.

But before we continue lets take a moment to look back and see what we know about PK:

PK became a known entity with his “Kero Is Innocent.” video on YouTube as well as the resulting feud he has with fellow YouTuber MythicalRedFox and…..that’s about it….. He showed up on the scene and delivered a hot steaming pile of shit for a take and suddenly he’s the new Kothorix apparently?

“Seems pretty guilty to me but okay.”

He seems more like an even shittier GenisiusWolf with terra-bad acne and hair so sharp you could stab somebody with how pointy and anime-esque it looks but for some reason he feels he’s owed respect in the fandom? And with such shit takes as “you can change the internal clock of telegram” and “JPEG artifacts = Photoshop” he has about as much credence and deserved respect as an edgy teenager screaming about how he has the power of god and anime on his side which as we’ve discussed he already has the hair for.

“The Pizza Guy Your Mom Warned You About.”

It’s hilariously ironic and horrifying at the same time that someone accused of intentionally viewing child pornography would stand up for someone who is accused of brutally violating their pet as well as roadkill but I guess we all should have seen this coming seeing as all PK ever does is talk about how “toxic” the community is.

But if you want more proof then just hear say have this Mega file. It’s filled with screenshots and information that twitter users stixlfox and spicycavy cobbled together after hours of research into PK and does the information far more justice then I ever could:

OPINION: Vore Has Become A Problem….

Author: Indigobang!?

The vore fetish/kink has been around for quite awhile now and hundreds if not thousands of individuals enjoy not only the SFW version of artwork involving vore but the NSFW version as well, and with big conventions such as Fur Squared (Who created a poll to see if vore would be their 2019 theme.) and suiters such as Zuelansi (Whose suit relates to vore.) coming to the forefront of the furry community it seems that vore has become the trendy kink to have and enjoy.

“Zuelansi in his usual form.”

But the truth is that vore has become a problem. SFW vore has in several cases lead underage minors to NSFW vore including Twitter user GBuddy269 who in a tweet revealed that he was 16 years old and already knew what vore porn looks like.

“Admitting to knowing what vore porn looks like.”

This is not an isolated case however and the potential of minors finding NSFW vore when they are looking for SFW vore is incredibly high as the two are often paired side by side in places like Fur Affinity and beyond due to the major lack of foresight in regards to the way that vore is categorized on these sites.

The worst part however is that whenever someone mentions that SFW vore has the potential to lead minors to NSFW vore it is sharply met with criticism and harassment and in some severe cases even threats of violence.

“Recieved threats of physical violence and harassment for mentioning that SFW vore could lead a minor to NSFW vore.”

Whats more troubling however is the actions of vore enthusiasts like JonahVore (an infamous animal abuser) and his YouTube channel “Reptile Channel.” where he regularly feeds smaller live animals to larger ones, and while his cover story of education and necessary feeding certainly seems sound, his channel was created with the intent to cater to the vore fetish community. (Special thanks to Dog Patch Press for informing me of this problematic individual.)

Vore is a fine fetish/kink to have, I myself enjoy vore and inflation, and there are much worse ones to have out there such as cub, zoophilia/bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia to name a few. But when people are getting harassed and threatened with physical violence because they even mention the fact that SFW vore could (and has) lead minors to pornography, it may be time for the fandom to take a step back from their subjective point of view and their predispositions and take a more objective point of view on the subject before vore itself consumes, digests, and turn the community itself into waste.

“Vore about to consume and digest the entire furry community.”

However this is just my opinion. You are free to make up your own. All I ask is that you do not harass anyone involved in this article. No one is ever deserving of harassment and certainly not of death threats. Just because our opinions may clash does not mean I believe anyone deserves that kind of reaction. The only people deserving of that kind of treatment are people who have actively done harm to another person/animal.

Trump & The Furry Community.

Author: Indigobang!?

Donald Trump is a divisive figure at the best of times, and with decisions and policies as controversial as continuing the bombing of Syria, to separating children from their parents at the border; It’s no wonder that his presidency has lead to such outrage from both the left and the right sides of the political landscape.

But a question not many people have asked is how his presidency has affected the furry community.

According to the latest research data available a large portion of the furry community identify somewhere on the LGBT landscape and while not many of his policies and decisions have affected the LGBT community, a solid number of them have.

From his decision to announce Mike Pence (A man who believes that electroshock therapy can “cure” individuals who identify as LGBT.) as his running mate to hiring Jeff Sessions (A man who has consistently claimed that the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman.) as his attorney general. This man has hired people who continue to be anti-LGBT including hiring to the supreme court two anti-LGBT judges.

There’s also the way his administration views transgender Americans to consider, and with policies such as the failed transgender military ban, and his administration’s attempt to make gender something assigned at birth and unchangeable from then on, he has firmly planted himself in the camp of other republican anti-LGBT politicians.

“His True Feelings Towards The LGBT.”

Yet still there are those within the furry fandom and within the larger LGBT community who do not see his actions as being anything other then benign. To them he is a god send and a return to “the norm” where they can be as offensive as they want without repercussion. Much to their surprise however there came a change in the way the furry fandom deals with them.

We need look no further then KabsCorner (Kabier), and Jasonafex (Jason) to see a great example of why “not giving a fuck” and choosing to be offensive on purpose will not give you any leeway in the furry community. Because if your intention is to be as awful as you possibly can be, the furry community will change its opinion of you and fast.

Kabscorner and Jasonafex are/were amazing furry artists with great skill and talent. Unfortunately they drew the ire of the furry community with their rampant transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, and (alleged) zoophilia. Since this began Kabier and Jason have both either been suspended from, privated, or deactivated their accounts on everything except Alt-Right Twitter rip-off GAB. (Which Kabier also privated after receiving backlash for calling Game Award Alumni Sonicfox a N** F**.)

“From Her Now Privated GAB Account.”

Not only however has Trump’s political rhetoric reinforced this kind of behavior, he has encouraged it at times, and while twitter feuds have existed for quite awhile with the odd KYS being thrown about by both sides this goes far beyond Twitter. The furry community is no exception to the rule and the rule at current is that people have felt like they could and have been getting away with harassment of all kinds. They find humor in causing others pain like a sociopath and claim that their intentionally offensive actions are “all in good fun” or “to make you think from another perspective” but all they accomplish is harming individuals who do not deserve their ire.

The saddest part however is that they honestly believe in a lot of cases that they aren’t causing any harm. But the truth is much darker then that and actions have consequences.

“Average Day At The Whitehouse”

Since coming into office the rate of hate crimes against LGBT Americans and POC have skyrocketed as well as the rate of suicide. Numerous furries have taken their own lives these past two years due to harassment by people who wanted to make others “see things from a different perspective” and Trump (whether directly or indirectly) has encouraged these kinds of actions and it has lead to the loss of thousands of lives nationwide.

The furry fandom may not be all of society, but it is a part of society, and Trump has poisoned the community from the inside out by making society seem like a place that you can be as offensive as you want without repercussions. But for every cause there is an effect and with the furry community seemingly splitting into two different factions this fandom is a powder keg and all its going to take is a single spark to cause a cataclysmic explosion.

The worst part? There is very little we can do about it now that the damage has been done. All we can do is pick up the pieces, hold onto our loved ones, and ride out the shit storm for however much longer this societal uprising of intentionally awful people lasts. But most importantly, we can fight.

Kabier and Jason were but one example of when the furry community comes together to rid themselves of objectionably awful people. Another great example is the controversy surrounding Kero the Wolf’s alleged zoophilia. (As of this writing Kero is still under police investigation) Trump may have caused a lot of problems within the community and society at large, but if we work together and support one another, theres nothing we can’t overcome.

Breaking The News In The New Year.

Author: Indigobang!?

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We here at OwO hope to bring you great articles about the furry fandom for you to read and share in 2019 and the future.

Thank you for giving us the chance to entertain you and inform you about all the happenings within the furry fandom and beyond.